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About Cabo

Cabo San Lucas also known as “Cabo” home of Dr. Gerardo Garcia Alvarez - Certified Bariatric Surgeon and Chief Director of Hospiten Hospital; is located at the very southern tip of the Baja California Sur state of Mexico. Just a two hour flight from Los Angeles California.

Cabo has normally been considered to be the America’s beach playground south of the border. Known to be home of several Hollywood celebrities and hub for big game fishing, Cabo has become for the past 10+ years one of the top destinations for Weight loss surgery attracting patients from all over the world that want to change their lives and jump start it in beautiful Cabo with Dr. Gerardo Garcia Alvarez.

We've placed our self in the map to be the "one" provider in Cabo and deliver an unbeatable surgery package with a modern hospital and staff of excellence, two renowned certified Bariatric Surgeons performing your surgery and one of the top destinations of relaxation in the planet.

You’re already spending on a flight and a surgery package, why not pay a little more and turn your weight loss journey into a little more than just have surgery and go home. .

Patient Comment: “It’s like having surgery in the Mexican version of Beverly Hills, it’s that nice said Mark Spencer who had a Gastric Sleeve in Cabo at Hospiten Hospital with Dr. Gerardo Garcia Alvarez“ Which by the way, Mark has already lost 80lbs in a 5 month period.

We offer an unbeatable surgery package with not only one but "TWO" 20+ year surgeons collaboratively perform your Gastric Procedure of choice at Hospiten Hospital in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Dr. Gerardo Garcia Alvarez

- Dr. Gerardo Garcia Alvarez

Know Cabo San Lucas


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Do I need a Passport to have surgery in Cabo?: If you are flying into San Jose del Cabo International Airport which is Cabo’s airport, you do in fact need a valid Passport.

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe?: Cabo is 100% safe. American and Canadians find cabo to be so safe that they tend to purchase properties in the city. It's a city where you can walk around and explore.

What Hotel do I stay in Cabo?: We set all our patients at The Fairfield Marriott Cabo the night before the surgery date and a night before the departure date.

To have surgery in Cabo, where do I have to fly to?: You need to purchase from your location to San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico and back.

Will someone pick me up at the San Jose del Cabo International Airport?: Yes, we have a dedicated transportation team that will pick you up at the airport and take you to the Marroitt and once you are discharged, we will take you back to the airport. Transportation is included in your surgery package.

Will I need to bring money for take home meds?: Yes, you will need to bring $140 cash or credit to purchase the meds before discharge. There is a pharmacy near the hospital where you will purchase them.

Where can my companion(s) eat in Cabo?: There is an array of different types of restaurants in Cabo San Lucas. Food for companions is at their own expense.


Arrival Day

Once you arrive at San Jose del Cabo International Airport expect the following;

  • Arrival & Transportation to Hotel

    • *UPON AIRPORT ARRIVAL – you will first pass through immigration and customs. Continue pass the timeshare representatives and airport transportation companies (Note: Ignore those airport transportion companies), baggage claim area and finally through glass doors to make yourself outside. Once outside, you'll find our representative holding a sign with your name on it. They will transport you to your hotel.
      (IMPORTANT: Remember to be fasting for 12 hours. Stop drinking at 8.30 p.m. the night before. (complete fasting) to be ready for all lab work the next morning.


Surgery Day

Morning of surgery expect the following;

  • Hotel and Hospital

    • The morning of surgery, the transportation representative will pick you up at the hotel and take you to Hospiten Hospital or you can walk as the hospital is a block away. The time of pick up that morning will be discussed the day prior with the transportation rep. (Make sure to ask)

      (Note: Make sure to check out and take all belongings. Failure to do so, the hotel might think you’re staying an additional night and incur the nightly charge which will be the patient's responsibility).
  • Once at Hospiten Hospital

    • Once you arrive at the Hospital, go to the main lobby and check in. Let them know you are there for surgery with Dr. Alvarez.
    • You will be admitted and start to fill out all your consent forms (don’t forget to bring your passport as an ID), make final payment and get prepped for surgery.
    • You will have your labwork, EKG and chest x. ray performed.
    • You will have a full consultation with your surgical team and all last minute questions will be answered.

  • Surgery

    • Your procedure is performed using a laparoscopic approach and surgery time will vary for each individual patient.
    • Patients will spend one to two nights at the Hospital after their surgery is performed.
    • After the surgery, patients will be up and walking only a few hours from waking up.
    • The recovery rooms in the hospital are private and a family member or companion is welcome to spend the night during patient stay.
    • Patient have access to the hospitals and Hotel WIFI to be able to call and email family members back home.


Rest & Recovery

Once you enter the second day, you could expect the following;

  • Relaxation & Recovery

    • In the next day after surgery, patient dedicate it for rest, relaxation, and recovery. Patients are showered and are expected to get up and walk every hour or two for 15 minutes.
    • Patients that had the Lap Band and Gastric Plication are released this day after spending 24 hours with us. They will meet with the surgery team; have a discussion about nutrition, and how to best achieve the desired results with their new Weight Loss Surgery. These patients are able to go back to the Hotel where they will spend an additional night before able to go back to the airport the next folowing day for the journey back home.


Recovery & Return to Home / Other Patients

  • Discharge

    • This day Lap Band and Gastric Plication patients will be able to take a taxi from the hotel to the airport to return home.
    • This day Gastric Sleeve, Mini Gastric Bypass and Full Gastric Bypass patients are discharged after having their post-operative testing performed and after meeting with the surgery team once again to discuss their weight loss goals. Patients will be able to take a taxi or walk to the hotel where they will spend an additional night before returning home.
    • We require that all patients commit to a follow up with their general practitioner back home six to eight weeks post procedure.
    • NOTE: Taxi fairs are at the patients own expense.


Return Home / Other Patients

  • Back to Airport

    • This day all remaning patients will need to catch a taxi from the hotel lobby to the airport to return home.
    • We require that all patients commit to a follow up with their general practitioner back home six to eight weeks post procedure.


One of the symptoms of Gastric Surgery is Gas. Even though you'll be purchasing prescribed gas meds to take back home from Mexico, lots of patients have found these strips to be helpful .

2) Extension cord

Most people bring their smart devices to keep in contact with friends and family back home but sometimes the charging cord for the device is not long enough. This extension will help keep charged all the time .

3) Mouthwash or Breath Spray (travel size)

Your breath will be stinky. You won’t want to get up and brush your teeth and you’ll probably have visitors. Bring a small breath spray so you aren’t worried about offending anyone with bad breath. Remember, you’ve just changed your digestive system and even if you’re not prone to get bad breath, you will probably have bad breath and want a quick fix.

4) Small Toothpaste & brush

It's always good to take care of your teeth but it's up to you .

5) Nail file

Ladies, completely optional but there will be lots of time to get occupied .

6) Imodium

Sometimes you can develop diarrhea on the flight back.

7) propel zero/flavored water packets

We have found that a lot of patients love this product during the pre operative diet to flavor your water.

8) Your Favorite Pillow

You will be uncomfortable and you’ll be in and out of sleep. Its great to have your preferred pillow with you. For those who are driving to mexico you can use it for the ride home in the car (especially if its a long ride). If you’re someone that can sleep on any pillow, then bring a pillow case. The pillow cases at hospitals tend to get washed in lots of bleach and they become scratchy and hard. But don’t forget to bring your pillowcase home with you.

9) Makeup removable toilets

Ladies, completely optional but its recommended but lots of past patients .

10) Baby wipes - did not use

Completely optional.

11) Hair ties

Ladies, completely optional but its recommended but lots of past patients .

12) makeup

Ladies, completely optional.

13) book to read

If you a reader please do bring your favorite book.

14) Journal

Lots a patient's bring a journal, totally optional.

15) Laptop or smartPhone

Even though you’ll most likely be groggy and in and out of sleep, you will want to stay connected. Bring your Smartphone so you can let your friends and family know that you are doing great. An iPad or a Kindle Fire is a great way to watch movies or surf the internet. Download a trashy novel or a good book from your favorite author.

16) heating pad

Most patients find these pads very very helpful.

17) light clothing

Very recommended!

18) gentle bra

Completely optional.

19) shampoo and conditioner (travel size)

Completely optional but most patients like to bring their own.

20) Airplane pillow

Completely optional.

21) Medical Liability Insurance - (Optional)

50% of patients that come down to Mexico purchase this insurance. $200 to $400 will cover you as a travel insurance and incase you're one of the 1% of patients that develop a complication, you’ll be completely covered and not have to pay expensive medical bills after.

22) Spray neosporin

Completely optional.

23) Comfy cloths

You doctor will most likely want you on your feet shortly after surgery and you may even be able to shower the following morning. But the bending required to get into normal clothes will be painful. Get yourself some comfortable clothes that are easy to slip on or off as needed. You won’t care about fashion, trust me!

24) robe for walking

Completely optional.

25) Something comfy to fly home in

Completely optional.

26) Chapstick and Lotion

After weight loss surgery you are typically not allowed to eat or drink anything for a period of time. On top of that, your body reacts to surgery like it's being attacked and when the body is attacked it shunts most of its fluids to vital organs. This leaves your skin and lips especially dry.

27) Room Fragrance

You might find that you are a little ‘gassy’ after surgery and the smell may surprise you! If you’re someone that doesn’t want everyone that walks in the room to share the aroma, bring a bottle of air freshener.

28) Beachwear

You'll be in Cabo, need I say more?.

29) Comfortable shoes or sandals

If you're going to explore Cabo before surgery, we recommend comfortable shoes or sandals.

30) Sunblock

Cabo weather is normally nice and sunny but don't want to be overly sunburned before surgery.