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Dental Procedures in Tijuana Cost & Pricing

Exam & Digital X Rays (pictures) FREE Oral Sedation $40 per pill
General Anesthesia/ IV Sedation $900  
Ruch Fee $40  
Panoramic X-Ray $80  
Cleaning $50  
Fluoride $40  
Deep Cleaning $80  
White Filling (1 Surface) $80  
Cosmetic Front Tooth Bonding $150  
Sealant $40  
Root Canal $280  
Retreatment RCT $320  
Post and Build up $150  
Re-Cement Crown $40 each
Porcelain Crown fused to high noble metal $350 BRIDGE $350 per unit
Porcelain Fused to Gold Crown $550 BRIDGE $500 per unit
Pure Gold Bridge   $700 per unit
Full Gold Crown $550  
Capteck Crown $500 BRIDGE $500 per unit
E Max Crown $450 BRIDGE $450 per unit
ETKON Crown $550 BRIDGE $550 per unit
Porcelain Onlay/Onlay $450  
Implant Exam $120  
Implant $950  
Abutment & Crown $800  
O Ring "Denture Abutment" $400  
Veneer $450  
Lumineers $550  
Lucitone IPN Teen Denture $550 Each Denture
Regular Denture $400 Each Denture
Repair Denture $100 Each
Denture Reline $100 Each
Add Tooth to Denture $80 Each
Partiar $450 Each Partial
VAL Plast "Metal Free" $550 Each Partial
Simple Extraction $50  
Surgical Extraction $80 to $120  
Surgical Wisdom Extraction $120 to $180 Need to see X-Ray First
Take Home Bleaching Kit $150 Upper and Lower
Zoom Combo $300  
Zoom Kit T.H No trays $80  
1 Hour Bleaching Zoom $220 Upper and Lower
Bleaching Trays $60 Each
Night Guard $150  
Retainer $350  
Remove Braces $150 Upper & Lower
Flipper 1 Tooth / Stay Plate $150 $50 each tooth
BIO Mercury Removal $30 Each

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